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Five metal bobbins with cotton threads


Five metal bobbins with cotton threads

Object information

Physical description

Five metal bobbins with cotton threads, colours include green, red, white, cream, yellow.

Statement of significance

The Jocelyn Brown (nee Creager) donation to the Creager Family Collection comprises a Singer sewing machine, table cloth, wall hanging, foot stool, three books and miscellaneous baking tins. The Creagers were part of a River Murray fishing dynasty. They lived on the PS Enterprise and fished the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Darling rivers from 1919 to 1945 when they sold the boat and settled in Mildura.

Their life on the Enterprise is representative of important social and environmental themes relating to life along the River Murray. Native fish taken from the river system have provided food, economic independence and recreation for many Australians. Their declining numbers reflect the deteriorating health of the River Murray system.

Object information

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