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Achromatic, brass telescope eyepiece used by Captain John Gore


Achromatic, brass telescope eyepiece used by Captain John Gore

Object information

Physical description

A brass, achromatic, telescope eyepiece which features the engraved inscription 'Dollond London / Day or Night'. The eyepiece shows discolouration across the entire surface.

Statement of significance

The Jack Gallaway collection consists of two items; a Dollond Day or Night telescope and a Gilbert and Co look stick. The Dollond telescope belonged to Captain John Gore (1729/30 - 1790) the 3rd (later promoted to 2nd) Lieutenant of the HMB Endeavour under command of Captain James Cook. The Gilbert and Co look stick is associated with Captain Gore's son, Rear Admiral John Gore, who immigrated to Australia in the 1830s.

Captain Gore was involved in many significant maritime explorations throughout the 18th Century. His extensive experience enriched the exploration work of Captain James Cook and the later exploratory work of Sir Joseph Banks. The Jack Gallaway collection's significance is further enhanced by providing an opportunity to research the lineage of an Endeavour crew member in Australia.

Object information

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