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Wooden club

Object information

Physical description

Wood club, bulbous head tapering to a point, shaft tapered to handle end.

Statement of significance

Aboriginal man, Bud Hammond has been in correctional institutions including jail for about half of his life. At other times he has had odd jobs or been unemployed.

There are a lot of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in gaol; the figure is proportionately much higher for indigenous Australians in gaol than for the broader community. This is indicative of wider social problems, including high rates of unemployment and poor education in particular. The picture however is not completely unhappy. Classes like the art ones can help restore some self esteem and can even lead to people turning to art as a way of expressing their identity, as with Hammond. With Hammond it has also stimulated a desire to set up an enterprise which would enable him to continue painting, as well as making artefacts, and to sell these. Gaol provided Hammond with an opportunity to improve his formal education; he completed his NSW School Certificate while in gaol.

Object information



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