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Model wooden club with a tapering rounded head


Model wooden club with a tapering rounded head

Object information


This is one of a set of small models of Australian Aboriginal objects made in 1868 by Albert Alexander Cochrane Le Souef. These models were accompanied by a wooden display box, ornately decorated by Albert's wife, Caroline Le Souef, with a series of etched scenes depicting different aspects of Aboriginal life. The Le Souefs made three similar sets of models and accompanying decorated wooden boxes. The two other sets are held by Melbourne Museum and the Hamburg Museum fur Volkerkunde. This object is part of the set of models and associated box which the Le Souefs displayed at the 1880-81 Melbourne International Exhibition.

Physical description

A model of a wooden club with a tapering rounded head at the distal end. Four carved ringtail bands extend down the shaft towards a conical knob at the proximal end.

Object information

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