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Sugar canister

Object information

Physical description

An olive green plastic sugar canister with an off-white lid. The canister has a rectangular base with straight sides tapering slightly towards the base. There is a gold design on the short side of the base depicting a man wearing a hat and a loose shirt holding a machete and a bunch of sugar cane, with 'Sugar' inscribed at the lower right. Stamps on the base are inscribed "'MADE IN / AUSTRALIA / 323-7030' and 'nylex / REGD. TRADE MARK'. One of a set of five canisters.

Statement of significance

The collection consists of a selection of kitchen utensils and canisters used by Mrs Chapman. These objects are excellent examples of common kitchen utensils from the 1940s -1960s . The significance of these items stems from their ubiquitous nature. They are instantly recognisable as part of the material culture of Australia's domestic and suburban history.

Australia's character as a suburban society means that the suburbs have been important not only as an expression of national identity, but also as the physical and cultural landscape in which many Australians have grown up and in which they continue to live. The objects in the Mavis Chapman Collection are typical of those used in thousands of suburban homes around Australia. They will enhance any depiction of suburbia presented by the National Museum of Australia.

Object information

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