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Shallow, wooden container


Shallow, wooden container

Object information

Physical description

Shallow, wooden container, concave, elongated, free form.

Statement of significance

The Brian Hayden collection comprises a wide range of weapons, hafted and unhafted stone tools and two wooden containers and two digging sticks.

In 1971 archaeologist Brian Hayden undertook fieldwork at Cundelee, in south-central WA, and at Papunya which is west-north-west of Alice Springs in the NT. He worked with Aboriginal people who had used stone tools to make artefacts like spearthrowers before they moved into the settlements to live. Hayden documented the manufacturing process and collected the objects that were made, as well as the stone tools used to make them. Hayden's major publication on this project is his book 'Palaeolithic reflections. Lithic technology and ethnographic excavation among Australian Aborigines', published in 1979 by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (now the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torrs Strait Islander Studies).

Object information

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