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Road map of Victoria, 1933


Road map of Victoria, 1933

Object information

Physical description

Folding map. Union oil company logo at top with colour illustrations of fisherman and golfer on either side of text: "ROAD / MAP / VICTIORIA / MELBOURNE & ENVIRONS BALLARAT &(sic) ENVIRONS / GEELONG &(sic) ENVIRONS BENDIGO &(sic) ENVIRONS / 5TH EDITION / REVISED / COPYRIGHT / 1933". Has pencil annotations on left side runing toward the middle. Reverse side has red, blue and black illustrations at the top, with two columns of colour with red printed text at the bottom.

Statement of significance

The John Burdett Collection consists of a set of Reeves and Sons drawing instruments, parallel rule, Windsor and Newton paint brushes and various lithographic materials, Companion Pressure Stove, a pair of military gaiters, military and rifle badges, maps, and a Paddy Pallin 'Federation' rucksack and M&B pill container for storing food when hiking. All items were the property of Frank Burdett who passed them down to his son John, except the Paddy Pallin item which was purchased by John.

The life of Frank Burdett is entwined with significant movements and events in 20th century Australian history and society. Frank served in the citizen forces during World War I and provided support to Australia's war effort on the home front as a volunteer in World War II. As a lithographer he was part of the commercial art movement that saw the rise of the advertisement and travel poster. In his spare time he took to the outdoors - as a young man he and his mates went camping and shooting, and he went on road trips by motorcycle. Frank was also a successful rifleman in his youth. Son John Burdett, like many Australians, took to the Australian bush by foot. The objects in the John Burdett Collection reflect the multi-faceted nature of Frank's working and recreational life.

Object information

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