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  • Parliament House Catering Service collection no. 1(121)

    Entree plate with gold Commonwealth Parliament Coat of Arms insignia
    Lead crystal champagne glass with the Commonwealth Parliament coat of arms on the side
    EPNS soup spoon with
    Metal teapot
  • J B Young Ltd collection(228)

    Game ticket
    A colour photograph of a store with blue and white awnings
    Young's store currency note.
    E.P. Webb, Early Director and Manager of J.B. Young Queanbeyan
  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7625)

    Coogee Bay Hotel. Coogee Beach N.S.W
    The suspension bridge in beautiful surroundings, Nowra, NSW
    U.S. Battleship Oregon
    Postcard featuring Law Courts, Melbourne
  • Alfred Stephen collection(2)

    Embossed silver salver c.1839
    Embossed silver salver c.1839

    The collection comprises a pair of circular embossed and cast silver salvers made in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) by renowned convict craftsman, Joseph Forrester in c1839. Engraved in the centre of each salver is an inscription relating to Alfred Stephen, a prominent figure in legal circles in colonial Hobart and later Sydney. The inscription reads ' Presented/BY/the Members of the legal Profession/in Van Diemen's Land/ TO/ ALFRED STEPHEN (formerly Attorney General of the Colony)/ upon his promotion to the Bench of /NEW SOUTH WALES./16 April/ 1839.' Both salvers feature elaborate decorative borders, cast and chased, surrounding an equally elaborate decorated repousse centre. Both have a centrally placed cartouche bearing the engraved inscription which is supported by a kangaroo and emu on the sides, surrounded by a fanciful bird, and above a swan. The birds and animals are surrounded by emblematic roses, thistles and shamrocks.

    This pair of salvers are exceptional examples of early Australian colonial silverware and are highly significant both for being among the earliest examples of Joseph Forrester's work, and for their association with Alfred Stephen, who served as Attorney General of VDL from 1832 to 1839 before moving to Sydney to take up a position on the bench. Stephen went on to become the longest serving Chief Justice of NSW (1844-1873). The salvers are also significant as being among the earliest examples of the use of Indigenous faunal motifs in Australian decorative art and are the only known extant pair of salvers attributed to Forrester.

  • Union of Australian Women collection(247)

    In the struggle for peace ... a toy for every Nicaraguan Child. International Solidarity Campaign of CIMEA
    Poster -
  • Aboriginal Arts Board collection no. 2(4603)

    Child's drawing - Yalata people coming from Ooldea by Heather Joseph, Yalata SA
    'Yumari', painted by Uta Uta Tjangala, 1981
    Child's drawing
    Child's drawing by Peggy, Tabulam Primary School NSW
  • Springfield - Faithfull Family collection(3506)

    Man holding the bridle of a dark coloured horse with the Bluestone Cottage at Springfield
    Decoy duck body made of metal
    School report
    Robert Lionel Faithfull

    The Springfield Collection comprises about 1550 artefacts from Springfield station, south of Goulburn. It includes colonial era costume, a bushranger medal, surveying instruments, a late-19th century landau, firearms and edged weapons, wool samples and Joseph Foveaux's pocket watch and bible. The objects are complemented by over 400 photographs. This diverse collection reflects the growth and economic success of the property, responses to changes in the wool market and the daily lives of the people who have lived on Springfield.

    Springfield has grown from a 518-hectare land grant given to William Pitt Faithfull in 1828 to the current 3183 hectares with ownership remaining in the one family. William Pitt Faithfull established the Springfield Merino Stud in 1838 with ten rams selected from the Macarthur Camden Park stud. The stud evolved slowly over the years until the early 1950s when, under the management of Jim Maple-Brown, a scientific approach to wool-growing was adopted and the stud's name was changed to Fonthill to reflect this.

  • Sir Hubert Opperman collection no. 2(216)

    Blue, white and red enamel tie clip
    Worcester St John's Cycling Club
    English Breakfast Tea tin
    Garrard's order form

    The Sir Hubert Opperman Collection No. 2, comprises 181 objects relating to his cycling, political and RAAF careers. Items of note include a silver tray presented to him for duties as Immigration Minister in 1966; Knights Bachelor Medal awarded by Queen Elizabeth II in 1968; and a Basque Beret worn when he was awarded the Gold Medal of Paris in 1991 by Jacques Chirac.

    Sir Hubert Opperman, or 'Oppy' has he was affectionately known, became a household name in the 1920s and 1930s as a result of his cycling achievements. He set 101 state, national and world records and was the public face of Malvern Star Bicycle Company. From 1949 to1972, Opperman pursued a career in politics, holding several portfolios for the Liberal party, and became Australia's first High Commissioner to Malta in 1966. He was knighted in1968 and retired from politics in 1972. Sir Hubert Opperman died in 1996 at the aged of 92.