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  • Weapon - Club - wooden

    Weapon - Club - wooden

    Original label on 1985.0059.0100 reads: ' "Witchanurra"/for close fighting/Mulga Tribe/Jimmy Parker/Cobar/E.M. April 19...

  • Club


    Original label on 1985.0059.0113 reads: "...ajor Sm.../Pres by [P Weston] E[sq]/Orange/..." and "Bogan River Sword/Majo...

  • Club


    Original label on 1985.0059.0112 reads: "[word] Bogan River". Edmund Milne (1861-1917) was born in England and emigrat...

  • Wooden Club

    Wooden Club

    Original label on 1985.0059.0093 reads: "Burang/Close in fighting/Mulga Tribe/191?". Edmund Milne (1861-1917) was born ...